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1. IoT Applications & Electronic Product Design

MagRabbit-AU offer a wide range of electronic design services that can transform an idea or product concept provided by the client into a complete electronic product with embedded software. This includes:

  • check_circleDesign of system architecture
  • check_circleFirmware and embedded software development
  • check_circleBoard schematic and layout
  • check_circleMechanical design
  • check_circlePrototyping
  • check_circleManufacturing support

If you have problems with the availability of in-house engineers or you want to save cost, we would be your choice for product design services. Our expertise covers various product categories including automotive, consumer electronics, wearable devices, home automation, healthcare, etc. We are a world leader for IT staff augmentation.

Our team can handle complex product designs to meet client requirements on functionality, quality, cost, and short time-to-market. With a team of experienced product designers, electronic engineers, and project managers, we offer benefits to clients through high-quality product design for successful mass production.

IoT Applications & Electronic Product Design


DVB-T2 set-top boxes have become widely used when TV broadcasters switched from analog to digital television. We designed this set-top box with custom embedded software to address the low-cost market in developing countries.

Technical features:

  • check_circleSoC: STiH252
  • check_circleRAM Memory: 256MB
  • check_circleFlash memory: 128MB
  • check_circleKernel: Linux 2.6.32
  • check_circleGraphics framework: DirectFB 1.6, Qt 4.8
  • check_circleLanguage: C/C++, Shell Script
  • check_circleConnectivity: USB, HDD, HDMI, AV Composite, Optical S/PDIF
  • check_circleOptimize software platform to achieve lower-cost, resources saving and high performance:
DVB T2 set-top box developed by Mtech Partners

Fig 1. DVB T2 set-top box developed by Mtech Partners


MagRabbit-AU has vast experience in developing and testing drivers, firmware and embedded software and applications for electronic devices. Our engineers have diverse skill sets to develop embedded solutions for different hardware platforms requested by the clients:

  • check_circleMicroprocessor architectures: ARM, MIPS, SH4, DSP, MCU
  • check_circleOS platforms: Linux, Android, Real-time OS
  • check_circleChipsets: Broadcom, Sigma Design, Freescale, ST, TI, NXP, Xilinx
  • check_circleBootloader: U-boot, Ezboot, CFE
  • check_circleProgramming language: C/C++, Java, Shell Script, Lua, ActionScript, HTML5
Car meter firmware based on a hardware platform provided by the client

Fig 2. Car meter firmware based on a hardware platform provided by the client


MagRabbit-AU provides FPGA-based design services specializing in handling complex high-speed applications. We are capable of designing and deploying customized FPGA-based solutions, including:

  • check_circleSystem integration, architecture development, design optimization, and RTL coding in Verilog and VHDL
  • check_circleDevelopment of soft and hard IP cores, DSP processing and algorithm development in FPGAs
  • check_circleSystem testing and verification, including test bench development, RTL verification, post-synthesis simulation, and signal integrity analysis
  • check_circleIP Integration, connecting, modifying, and debugging third-party IP, such as video encoders/decoders and standard communication interfaces


MagRabbit-AU has developed an FPGA-based H.264 IP core with custom embedded software. The IP core implements H.264, the standard for encoding/decoding video widely used nowadays. The IP core implements image processing algorithms to record, compress and share high-resolution video based on motion-compensation in each block.

Technical features of the H.264 IP Core:

  • check_circleSupport baseline profile, main profile
  • check_circleSupport real-time decoder CIF at 30 frames per second (352x288 @30fps)
  • check_circleSupports 10 photos per second at 4CIF (720x480 @ 10fps)
  • check_circleSupports for I&P slices, B slice
  • check_circleSupports the coordinator loop filter (In-Loop Deblocking Filter)
  • check_circleCAVLC entropy encoder
  • check_circle¼ pixel shift accuracy
  • check_circleITU – T H.264 standard

H.264 decoder IP core

Fig 3. H.264 decoder IP core


IPSec (IP Security) is the protocol in embedded software that provides mechanisms for establishing secure connections between pairs of devices. IPSec also can be used for private communication from the source to the destination point (end-to-end) between pairs of computers.

  • check_circleMaximum speed 5Gbps
  • check_circleIKEv2 key exchange
  • check_circlePSK authentication (Pre-shared key) and RSA (with X.509 certificate)
  • check_circleIPSec operation mode: Transport mode & Tunnel mode
  • check_circleIPSec encapsulation protocol: ESP, AH, ESP and AH combination.
Zedboard Dual Ethernet IPSec Block Diagram

Fig 4. Zedboard Dual Ethernet IPSec Block Diagram

Verification of IPSecIP core on Zedboard

Fig 5. Verification of IPSecIP core on Zedboard

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