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Why choose MagRabbit-AU and MagRabbit as your software outsourcing company in Austin?

Advantages of hybrid model

MagRabbit-AU hybrid model offers a combination of on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore workforce to deliver high-quality and fast codes 24x7 globally to our client in the last several years.

Hybrid/Dual software development model is the mixing of 2 or 3 of the models. It depends on the goals and requirements of each project. We make sure our clients select the right model for our clients.

For example, If our client is in Austin, we will have a team in Austin, Viet Nam, Mexico or Brazil or India; that’s quite a complex team but it is doable for Mtech Partners in the last several years.


MagRabbit-AU in the US, Vietnam, Mexico, and Brazil Vietnam will offer our clients a hybrid model of outsourcing which includes onshore, nearshore, and offshore will bring the highest quality software with all the benefits of a global cost structure 24x7 globally.

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Onshore, offshore, nearshore and hybrid model of MagRabbit-AU
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